Tom Piper



Representing the freshness and solidifying himself as a generator of vibes, Tom Piper continues to make the best kind of trouble in dance music. No stranger to chilling at the top of the charts, remixing dance music royalty and causing united dance floor freak outs; this young man is the real deal.

Piper is working hard at seducing each and every eardrum, currently building an impressive variety of material through his primary label Ministry of Sound Australia and doing remixes for labels like Ultra & Mixmash; applying his unique vibe to the sounds of legends like Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr, Dizzee Rascal, Chris Lake, Sidney Samson and more. When he's not busy mixing platinum selling CDs, dropping beats in the club or enjoying some fresh sushi on top of a mountain in Japan, he makes time for collaborating with his brethren… Tom Piper and Tommy Trash were awarded the #1 dance release at the AIR awards for 'All My Friends', the same award has also gone to Piper and his Kiwi partner in crime, Daniel Farley, for 'LGFU'.

Rumour has it that Tom Piper's studio can be mistaken for a grown-ups toy shop... His shoe collection, ninja turtle, nerf-gun and Playstation vibes all rub off into his production - and he brings that same energy to every gig, podcast and radio spot across the country! Freshness and vibes aside, Piper is well known as one of the most genuine and hard working artists in the scene today. With a constant mass of projects on-the-go and a sky high trajectory, the future is looking pretty f*cking fresh.